Accessory meant to provide an additional serial link to manage data extraction from existing Chrono Tachograph system already on board, via connection to the D8 serial data on SRE standard format. 


Main functions

  • Serial/tacho interface which allow to obtain: 
       > Total Km
       > Speed
  • Driver recognize:
       > Driver 1 and Driver 2 working status: 
. Rest
. Available
. Work
. Drive
. Not Available.
  • Vehicle motion: this parameter indicate if the vehicle is moving or stopped
  • Driver 1 and Driver 2 time related status.
  • This parameters indicate if the Driver is driving over one of these threshold:    

        > Normal

        > 15 min before 4h.30m
        > 4h.30m reached
        > 15 min before 9h
        > 9h reached
        > 15min before 16h
        > 16h reached

  • Driver change notification sent to CBS (read from Driver Card number)
  • Drive Style report for each driver

Part list

Technical Characteristics



Product Form

P.iva: 01865590135