New control base station software release suited to:

- improve the system management;

- manage the additional functionalities supplied with the new 7.x mobile units firmware release;

- sophisticated management of the emergency and logistic messages application.

- centralized database in SQL Server management.


Funciones principales

More features than WGps 6.6:

-  New “Dock” interface to managing maps, history and travel reports, alarm list, status window, and unit selection.

-  “Dock” to view all available Front-end socket

-  Free moving “Dock” on desktop, or settable  in Auto-Hide mode

-  Improved interface for configuring the device.

-  Management of communication channels mode: Voice, Data, GSM, GPRS

-  Management of all on-board unit family MK01, KT200, KT200C, KT Khase and KT100 (and related equipment).

 - Managing the Database in SQL Server and MS Access

-  Management history tracking on Google Mapsand  Map & Guide.

-  Export track history in format Exell, google earth and PDF

-  Dynamic Tracing history for all available maps (play story)

-  Front-end communication protocol and Client improved

-  Improved usage logging software

-  Configurability of the macro function

-  Management of data acquisition from OBD (if the FW perferica supports it) in combination with CAN line

-  Management of 3-axis accelerometer in combination with the basic functions of the device (if the FW device supports it)

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