Fonctions principales

  • ECE 97 Directives Approvals.
  • R&TTE Full Type Approved.
  • SMS, Data and GPRS communication channels.
  • Call ID no cost communication capability.
  • Native “jamming” detection function usable in logical functions to program local real time reaction procedures.
  • Location either via GPS or GSM network as a back-up.
  • Time management based on GPS or internal clock.
  • Operational range with internal batteries (typical):

   > 8 hrs in continous communication
   > 7 days in idle mode

  • Optimised consumption in any status
  • Firmware upgradability from remote
  • Fully teleconfigurable logical functions and procedures, making use of I/O and system resources.
  • Integrated and programable tampering notification
  • Extended logical functions capability (32) also for autotesting configurations with immediate activaction also for complex procedures and in any status
  • Flexible management of communication channels.
  • Free use of the communication system without affecting security.
  • Dynamic and programmable management of a wide capacity memory (over 10.000 records, including I/O and logical statuses)
  • Programmable  overage consumption levels, down to 3mA.
  • Built-in “Black box” functions with programmable recording strategies.
  • Teleprogrammable Privacy functions.
  • Wide number of teleprogrammable Pin Codes (passwords), with single driver assignment capability.
  • Multiple area fencing capability, fully programmable.
  • Automatic route and area control, fully programmable separately.
  • Work flow, break and messaging for logistics.
  • Programmable current position displacement control.
  • Driven distance measurement capability.
  • Driven time measurement capability, fully programmable.
  • Average and maximum speed reports, referred to a programmable predefined route.
  • Autonoumous functionality as a recharcheable “dammy” kit for real time temporary tracking of moving objects (goods, etc.)
  • Capability to be used as a teracking device permanently connected to a power supply source 

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