Raggedized kit with very high (IP67) environmental protection grade enclosure suited both  to be installed on trailers and as stand alone rechargeable device for real time tracking of goods or equivalent application, where high battery autonomy is a premium.

Thanks to complete and outstanding set of functions and configuration capability also over the air, it can be suited for any kind of application requirement.   


Main functions

  • CEI 79/56  and ECE 97 Directives ApprovalsR&TTE Full Type Approved.
  • SMS, Data and GPRS communication channels.
  • Possibility to use a configurable DNS as a destination address
  • Call ID no cost communication capability.
  • Native “jamming” detection function usable in logical functions to program local real time reaction procedures.
  • Location either via GPS or GSM network as a back-up.
  • Time management based on GPS or internal clock.
  • Operational range with internal batteries (typical):

    > 8 hrs in continous communication
    > 7 days in idle mode

  • Optimised consumption in any status
  • Firmware upgradability from remote
  • Fully teleconfigurable logical functions and procedures, making use of I/O and system resources.
  • Integrated and programable tampering notification
  • Extended logical functions capability (32) also for autotesting configurations with immediate activaction also for complex procedures and in any status
  • Flexible management of communication channels.
  • Free use of the communication system without affecting security.
  • Dynamic and programmable management of a wide capacity memory (over 10.000 records, including I/O and logical statuses)
  • Availability of driven Km figure directly into the positioning record sent by the on board units
  • Programmable  overage consumption levels, down to 3mA.
  • Built-in “Black box” functions with programmable recording strategies.
  • Teleprogrammable Privacy functions.
  • Wide number of teleprogrammable Pin Codes (passwords), with single driver assignment capability.
  • Multiple area fencing capability, fully programmable.
  • Automatic route and area control, fully programmable separately.
  • Work flow, break and messaging for logistics.
  • Programmable current position displacement control.
  • Driven distance measurement capability.
  • Driven time measurement capability, fully programmable.
  • Average and maximum speed reports, referred to a programmable predefined route.
  • Autonoumous functionality as a recharcheable “dammy” kit for real time temporary tracking of moving objects (goods, etc.)
  • Capability to be used as a teracking device permanently connected to a power supply source 
  • Possibility to send notifications of speed limit exceeding per type of  road/area provided that the specific roads/areas have been previously vectorised and stored into the unit memory

Part list

Technical Characteristics



Product Form

P.iva: 01865590135