Radiolocation unit highly integrated, joining sophisticated features to outstanding price to performance ratio and top class reliability and quality degree. Its architecture make it especially suited for applications in those segments where integration and low-cost installation are key factors. Its features make it suitable for value added applications where performance sto price ratio and flexibility in future application upgradings are a differentiation issue


Fonctions principales

  • ECE 97 Directives Approvals.
  • R&TTE Full Type Approved.
  • SMS, Data and GPRS communication channels.
  • Call ID no cost communication capability.
  • Location either via GPS or GSM network as a backup
  • Time management based on GPS or internal clock.
  • Operational range with internal batteries (typical):

            > 60 min  in continous communication;
            > 24 hrs in stand-by

  • Optimised consumption (programmable)
  • Integrated CAN BUS management
  • Firmware upgradability from remote (OTA)
  • Fully teleconfigurable logical functions and procedures, making use of I/O and system resources.
  • Availability of embeded macro functions for outputs management to optimise performances and security
  • Extended logical functions capability (32) also for autotesting configurations with immediate activaction and easy implementation of complex procedures for any kind of application
  • Flexible management of communication channels.
  • Dynamic and programmable management of a wide capacity memory (over 10.000 records, including I/O and logical statuses)
  • Programmable  average consumption levels, down to 2mA.
  • Teleactivation of on-board actuators from remote CBS.
  • Built-in “Black box” functions with programmable recording strategies and air time costs optimisation.
  • Multiple area fencing capability, fully programmable.
  • Automatic route and area control, fully programmable separately.
  • Programmable current position displacement control.
  • Driven distance measurement capability.
  • Driven time measurement capability, fully programmable.
  • Average and maximum speed reports, referred to a programmable predefined route.


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