On board accessory compatible with KT-200 and Mk01 family locators, it allows to expand the number and/or the characteristics of the available inputs, making also available one high resolution analog inputs and one Temperature probe input. Specifically designed for high level logistic applications control.


Funciones principales

  • Connectivity through coded serial link KT Code
  • Overall capacity of up to 4 inputs at the same time, totally additional if used in combination with KT-200 and Mk01 KIT units and only partially additional (2 additional inputs plus replacement of two native inputs in MK01 ALL A0 and A1) or just replacing native inputs (MK01 ALL A3) if used in combination with MK01 ALL units
  • Selectable compatibility with thermocouples for temperature control (resolution within 1/3 °C, precision within 1 °C)
  • Data logging capability on the high resolution analog 
  • inputs, for later data treatment
  • Programmable threshold control with remote notification on the high resolution analog inputs    
  • Own coding system for special applications (trailer recognition and assignment, etc.), only for MK01 KIT unit family
  • Low consumption

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