Multifunctional accessory designed for integrated and optimised voice and llogistics functions management. Suitable therefore either for logistics or security applications, it provides with an unbeatable global costs optimisation.


Основные функции

  • CE approval.
  • Free use of the host unit mobile phone for private calls without lowering security level.
  • Security and management programmable codes (Pin Codes) capability; a suitable procedure is anyhow available to disable such function for privacy purposes, showing only encrypted characters.
  • Iconised touch buttons to send specific request and info to a remote (Control Base Station).
  • Messaging capabilty and management.
  • Commands for logistic functions (work flows, address book, etc.) management.
  • Diagnostic functions available
  • Suitable engineered keypad buttons to be used in dark environment, with echo signal at pressure.
  • One integrated buzzer, used for echo instrinsic signals, but also usable for special customised configurable functions.
  • Loud speaker volume regulation.
  • Possibility to switch from hand free system to private conversation and opposite.
  • Mute function available.


(*) Refer to the specific manuals either of device or of the connected mobile unit to verify which functions subset is actually supported.

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