Intelligent and programmable IO expansion family module for stand alone applications or coupled with MK01 ALL, KT10 and successive families.
Optional integration with radio transmission systems,  with low power and short-haul, make it a back up device especially suited in case of unavailability of primary communication channel.


Funciones principales

  • Approved according to ECE-97
  • Radio communication
  • Power supply with extended range 9/36 Vdc
  • Anti drag intelligent function
  • General purpose programmable function
  • Possibility  to control, at distance, radio sensor (optional) for security functions
  • Optional radio transmitter transponder management
  • Autolearning transmitter with variable code
  • Antijaming dynamic function integrated with unit provided by radio transmitter
  • Tele-command for on board actuators combined with the unit.
  • Built in integrated function:
    A.  Base function for radio auto system alarm controlled at distance.
    B. “General purpose” anti robbery function
    C. Anti-drag intelligent Macro function
    D. Anti-Grabbing Macro function
    E. Passive Macro function for system insertion

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