CMOS technology micro camera for black and white pictures capturing at high image resolution and low comsumption. Optics makes hidden installation very easy (holes just of some mm) and will be enough for a wide angle vision.Thanks to its local image storage capability and to motion detection function, it is expecially suited to meet sophisticated requirements at outsatnding low price.


Основные функции

  • Non-volatile in-built memory: Allows the storage up to 30 images at very high frame rate per time unit.
  • Programmable deferred buffer transmission.
  • Images acquisition depending on an external event programmable).
  • Continuous images acquisition and 16 images buffer recording on an external event.
  • Motion detection function, with programmable controlled area.
  • Continuous live images acquisition.
  • GPS position, date and time recorded together with the relevant video images.
  • Possibility of images acquisition at night time with the use of a IR illuminator (optional)
  • Possibility to manage colour by configuration, only without ired filter.
  • Integrated Jpeg Codec: allows the possibility of a real time image coding.
  • Very low power consumption and Sleep Mode function.

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P.iva: 01865590135