Quality System


With the certification of the company quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, the organization has implemented a management model that leads the organization itself to a continuous improvement of performance following specific guidelines, in order to have its expectations come true. This certificate is valid for the following product or service range: "Design, manufacture and technical assistance of alarm systems, remote control and radio localization system based on telecommunication systems. Trade of related accessories."


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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Radio Approvals


The directives for radio and telecommunication devices areĀ  a major route for meeting standards that a locator sold on the European market must comply. Certificates in this section demonstrate compliance with this directive and allow us to put the CE mark on our products.



Prodotti - Download

KT 35

KT SmartBox from 2017

KT 100 from 2012

KT 100 from 2014

KT 100 from 2017

KT 100 from 2018

KT 200 from 2006

KT 200 from 2007

KT 200 from 2008

KT 200 from 2010

KT 200 rev. 2010

KT 200 from 2013

KT 200 from 2017

KT Chase from 2007

KT Chase from 2008

KT Chase IO

MK 01 from 2001

MK 01 from 2004

KT 10


CBS Device - Download


Modem ILG 4095 EX000

Modem ILG 4095 31000

Modem ILG 4090 30000

Certificazioni Automotive

The European Directives and International regulations governing the qualification of "automotive" anti-theft satellite provide, among the various aspects and characteristics, the verification of the compliance within the electromagnetic compatibility of the components and electrical units to be used in motor vehicles through an approval test made by a European Competent Body.




KT SmartBox

KT 100 from 2012

KT 100 from 2014

KT 100 from 2018

KT 200

KT Chase

KT Chase IO

MK 01

KT 10

Certification CEI 79/56

It's a norm issued by the CEI, ITALIAN ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMITTEE, which specifies the required performances and criteria for the verification and classification "black box" system for motor vehicle use. The KT 100 and KT 200 unit families are certified according the norm CEI 79/56 and complies with the highest level of all regulation Norm.



KT SmartBox





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